Saturday, June 24, 2006

Full bloom.

It's late june and the flowers are in full bloom and the trees are full. We've had more rain the last two months than we would normally have in a year. This is good for the plants, bad for mowing and golfing.
Dawn is always busy in the gardens and seems to make anything grow, so I thought I would post some pics of her hard work.

Back yard flower gardens.

Dawn rose.

Lincoln rose.

Red lillys.

Orange lillys.

Back garden.

Back garden.

Devil dog and poophead.

So you can see that Nwad has been busy and the gardens get better every year.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Damn Yankees

Last weekend, Nwad and myself ventured to New York City for a yankee's game. Now I would not normally do this, but Nwad's friend Michele, who works for espn had four tickets and invited us to attended. Nwad wanted to go so I gave up golf on a beautiful sunday for the damn yanks. Michele's beau, Mike drove and it was the first time I was able to take in the sights on the way to N.Y. Lot's to look at driving thru greenwich, and the bergs north of the big city.

We arrived early and had time to vist a pub behind the stadium on the bleacher side. There were 4 or 5 in a two block area that had a center bar and small tables around the the side. They reminded me of a temporary bar that you might find in Aruba or other island destinations.

We took a seat and a waiter promptly showed to take our order. We were quite pleased with this service until we found out that we could order food but no drinks until 12 noon. This would not have been a problem if it had not been 11 am. So we ordered food and the guy said if we put in our drink order now he would bring it at 12. Needless to say the food was gone well before the drinks arrived.

Sometime around 11:45 the place was so jammed we could hardly move, and at 12 noon, New York, New York, started blasting thru the speakers and about 100 singing patrons were severed their drinks in about one minute. It was at this time that I realized I was not at County Stadium anymore. Nothing beats a tail gate party at the old Milwaukee stadium, this came real close.

Anyway, we had four hotdogs and four drinks and it was only $ 45.00, what a deal.

On to the game.

The house that Ruth built.

Impressive structure.

Mike and Michele

Nwad and Booghost

Not so surly fans

A view down the third base line

After the good deal in the bar, we thought we might get a better deal at the game. We were not disapointed.

So this is what a $9.00 beer looks like.

Another $9.00 beer.

This $9.00 beer sure tastes good

Swing batter!

I wasn't looking forward to this game, but as the innings went on I was beginning to enjoy myself. The lead changed hands several times and there were good plays in the field.

Nwad kept me smiling when she asked where the clock was on the score board that timed the innings. I reminded her that three outs were three outs reguardless of the time.

When she saw a player trotting home from thrid, she asked why he was getting a free pass. I replied that had she been watching rather than talking, the big roar we all heard was a home run.

She then noticed that the score board showed slots for ten innings rather than for nine. I know that there is only nine in a game, she said. I told her she was correct, except they always play ten on sunday.

She called me on this and I confessed that she was right, but then she doubted me when I told her that they get 99 foul balls.

I'm not picking on Nwad, and she knows it. We just had a good time and I love her dearly.

Now it's the top of the 8th and the score is tied. The yanks are about to bring in Mariano Revera,the best relief picther active, and the girls say, we're bored, lets leave and beat the traffic. So we did.

It was a good game as much as I saw, but in the end,


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Extra! Extra!, read all about it.

Here at Hideaway we've scooped Ottertail.
Our crack embedded reporter, Sparty, found herself at Ottertail and captured exclusive photos of Carlo flying his plane from Merril to Phillips.
Way to go Carlo.
Thanks go to Sparty for the good work.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I've been inspired by the Ottertail Lodge blog and have decided to attempt to equal it's success with the help of nwadc. Litchfield is located in Northwest Ct. in the foothills of the Berkshires. Needless to say it's quite hilly and it seems that you are either driving up a hill or down it. That is the main reason I've stopped biking shortly after moving here from wi.

That however has not stopped nwadc from biking twenty or more miles on a regular basis. ( crazy woman )

I've been here 15 years now but still hope to return some day. We live in the woods surrounded by a mature growth of oak, maple with a few beech and birch trees here and there. In that regard, it does remind me of home. The quiet evenings with little sound other than the birds and the wind through the trees suits me well.

We stay a home often, nwadc spends ample time with the gardens and seems to be able to make anything grow. I try to keep things up but don't always have the drive to do so. Over the years we have had company from Wisconsin and have always enjoyed those visits. I hope that doesn't stop. Carlo and Otterwoman were here last year on their wonderful motorcycles and we had a great time. Lucy's visits were always good and we miss that. Sparty, remember the monkey ash tray we found in Collinsville? Spooky.
Mag, thanks for escorting Lucy on those trips, wish you would visit again. You too Yram and Kate.

Anyway, I will try to give this a go and see what happens.